UFO Sighting in Cranston, Rhode Island on 2021-09-25 19:35:00 – It looked like glowing embers in the sky that pulsating and had synchronized movements

We were driving on rt 10 in cranston towards providence when we saw a reddish light in the sky. it looked like an ember. i was waiting for it to fall but it just stayed there pulsating. it was reminiscent of a hot coal that gets brighter when you blow on it. the other witness had noticed it first because he was driving and he asked “what is that?€� initially i thought it was a firework but it wasn’t moving. but it was pulsating and getting brighter as if it had a halo of light around it that was getting larger then smaller. the center was red and the exterior was orange. we took the exit and got back on the highway because we wanted to see what it was. so after getting back onto rt 10 heading towards cranston, it was then on our right and now there were two. the second was orange with a yellow orange halo. they initially were side by side but then they moved into a different formation where one was above the other. they both were pulsating but now in a synchronization. the top would illuminate and get brighter and the one below would get dim, then it alternates and the bottom becomes brighter and the top one becomes dim. they then shift their location again so that they are now on a diagonal. one disappears first more quickly than the second. the second disappears eventually but it looks as if it’s quickly moving away from us because it grew smaller and smaller until it was gone. we were not the only ones who saw it when we were on rt 10 going towards providence. two cars in the slow lane were slowing down quite quickly. i attribute that to what was in front of us.

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