UFO Sighting in Coral Springs, Florida on 2020-07-06 23:30:00 – 4 objects above home: 2 next to each other then 2 far apart. had a cheetah print pattern seen with binoculars

Taking the trash out and saw a bright light in the sky. grabbed binoculars and called family to come out to see it. it looked like a dreidel but wider and it was rotating very fast and it looked like it was going upside down. after half an hour one of the ufo changed direction and moved farther away while the other ufo moved in closer. when we looked with the binoculars the ufo had like a golden cheetah pattern with black holes when rotating that looked like eyes. it looked like nothing i’ve seen before. it startex around 11pm when i noticed and i went to sleep by 1am and saw it was still there.

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