UFO Sighting in Colorado Springs, Colorado on July 4th 2016 – While watching fireworks displays noticed a very bright green light stationary above us…


Because of the vantage point of our buildings patio deck just outside of our apartment we step outside every year to watch fireworks displays from Memorial Park, The Broadmore, and anywhere else that we can observe Fireworks going off…The patio is on the west end of the building and only has a few trees to the west that do slightly hinder our view of Pikes Peak while in bloom…While watching the fireworks this year, my Wife had been watching the sky as we had a few high clouds to the North of us that had produced some lightning…While doing so she had noticed a very bright green light above and slightly west of us and knowing I had spent 8 years in the US Navy working in the Aviation field and having been involved with aviation all of my life, 3 uncles that served in the US Navy and also in the Aviation field with 2 of them retiring from the Navy as well as my Father that spent 20+ years in the US Air Force, she felt confident that I may be able identify what it was that she was looking at since it was so high above us yet very bright…When I had first looked at it I knew it wasn’t a star because of the very bright green lights and the relative distance it was from us…Knowing that aircraft have red and green clearance lights on them I had first identified it as an aircraft but I also had lost interest in the fireworks displays and looked the lights over a bit closer and upon doing so it struck me that there were no red lights visible, just the very bright green lights with a blue edge on just one side…Looking even better at it, it appeared to be 4 green lights in a square pattern and on the one side there was a dimmer blue light on one edge…There was nothing else visible other than the lights..

After a short period of looking at the lights I changed my previous statement to my Wife and told her that I wasn’t sure what it was we were looking at…I had also noted that it had not changed position for some time and having lived here in the ‘Springs’ from ’69-’71, ’87-’91, and for the last time since ’95, as well as being around Military Aircraft for my entire lifetime and observing aircraft behavior, I knew that what this thing was doing was not typical…I leaned up against a pipe alongside of the building to steady myself and put my thumb up directly under the light in an attempt to get a fix on the light and see for sure if indeed the light was moving…After doing so the light dropped behind my thumb then came out of the left side of my thumb, made a horse shoe maneuver, went behind my thumb and then came out of the right side of my thumb and began hovering steadily in a fixed position…After a period of a few seconds it began a series of maneuvers and then shot directly North of us towards Denver and by my best estimation had to have been traveling at least Mach 3 with no sonic boom from breaking the sound barrier…One of the things you experience when you’ve been around military aircraft for as long as I have is a sonic boom when aircraft fly as fast as this thing did…No boom was experienced which was, to say the least, a little unsettling when you see something move that fast…

There were at least 4 witnesses to this event, three of us are over fifty and the fourth being in his twenties…We joked about what we had seen and shared the fact that this was our first such experience and how we would probably only tell people we trusted not to put us into a straight jacket and padded cell but I have always been an inquisitive individual and I have known about MUFON for quite some time now, I have just never dreamed of the fact that I would have my own story to share and now, more than ever, I would like an explanation as to just what in the world it was that I and 3 others saw tonight…I can definitively say that it was far beyond anything in our aircraft inventory…Unless we have advanced so far as to have developed an aircraft with the capabilities and behavior that this one demonstrated tonight in which case our adversaries should beware…

The light or lights went so far North that we eventually lost sight of them but before we had lost sight of them entirely, it had gotten behind some trees and yet oddly enough were still visible through the trees…Having Memorial Hospital to the North of us and observing their Flight For Life helicopters disappear behind the same trees for some 13 years now, it was strange to be able to see the lights so clearly visible through the same trees…

After having discussed for some time with my Wife about what we had seen I felt the need to call the News Desk at KKTV 11 and ask if they had received any calls about a strange object over Colorado Springs…The woman I talked with at KKTV said that they had not received any calls and after some reflection about the nights events that’s when I remembered your organization, MUFON, and decided to check to see if there were any reports from our area of which I found none…It’s still early after the fact however so I’ll be bookmarking this site and checking back regularly…

I hope I’ve been concise enough and descriptive enough for you to have an idea of the events that have taken place here even though I know that none of us have the answers as to what these objects are, maybe some day we’ll have the answers but for now it remains a mystery…This is like a puzzle and until the last piece is in place we won’t have any idea as to what the picture is until then…I wished I had pictures or video but I felt that I would not have time to go back into our apartment, find our camera and make it back in time to document the event…

Event duration was approximately 3-5 minutes…Approximate altitude of object was 2-3,000 ft. overhead and about 80-85 degrees west of us…Approximate size of object was at least 100 ft. from side to side, at least the size of a P3 Orion, if not larger…Capable of speeds in excess of Mach 3 to the best of my judgment…Very bright green light, or possibly four very bright green lights with only one side of what appeared to be a square object emitting a blue light…Lights were steady with no flickering and no atmospheric disturbances…This was definitely not an atmospheric event, swamp gas, green laser nor anything of the sort…This was an object that moved through the sky and demonstrated very unusual characteristics not found in our current aviation technology or capabilities…As far as I know…It’s up to you to decide if this is worth investigating…I hope you do because I have a ton of questions now and I would probably ask as many questions as any of your investigators would or could even armed with the knowledge that you probably don’t know any more than I do…In any case please contact me and reaffirm my belief that I’m not crazy because this has really rattled my cage…

Thank you for being there MUFON and letting us know that there are truly extraordinary events that occur and that you believe it’s worth investigating…It’s a shame NASA get’s all that money and doesn’t seem to have the same belief system that you do…SETI program seems to have taken a very big hit as well…If you put everything together it almost seems that there is an attempt to bury the fact that there is something going on…I’ve seen the Milky Way without a telescope and there is no way you can tell me we’re the only intelligent life form, only now I’ve seen proof of intelligence not of this world…Please find the answer and share it with us…We need to know about our neighbors…

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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