UFO Sighting in Clermont, Florida on 2020-11-27 12:05:00 – Very fast moving cylinder from north to south

Looking out my front door window, i noticed a very rapidly moving mottled color cylinder shape, oriented horizontal to the horizon. moving from north to south. because i had seen some insects fly by, i thought that was what it was, at first, a large insect, but then it flew behind a cloud, so i looked harder. unfortunately, it was moving so quickly i only saw it for a few seconds, but definitely a mottled dark color cylinder in appearance, that seemed to reflect a small amount of light. i almost didn’t report it, it was such a quick event, but i’m hoping someone else saw it longer and in more detail, and reported it, so this will provide corroboration. the only other sighting i’ve had was in virginia in the 70s.

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