UFO Sighting in Carter, Montana on 2017-03-01 12:00:00 – Ufo escorted by helicopters to a military base

I am a basic member of mufon. i joined after watching some of it’s superb documentaries they show on the blaze channel in the uk, with highly credible presenters and witness testimony. i confess to not reading many of the info emails it sends me ; i hardly ever watch sci-fi movies ; and soon find it tiresome watching videos of mobile bright ufo dots in the sky. but i did find the video i refer to below very interesting – as long as its not from a sci-fi i haven’t watched !

*** if the contents of the video are genuine , its a great daytime view of ufo technology quite close-up on the ground – a feature of ufo studies rarely seen – that is why i have submitted it *****

please see the attached screens prints that i “prtsc” – key copied from a youtube video and saved to an openoffice writer word-processor file. they show photo’ ‘stills’ of an alleged leaked video of a ufo being escorted by helicopters to a military base in montana in march 2017.

one thing that grabbed my attention on the video , but may not be obvious in the stills , is how the 20+ helicopters initially ‘swarmed ‘ round the ufo , presumably to prevent it flying away ! ; or until it had been identified .

the ufo’s flight path seems to be ‘guided’ by the ball of light thats in front of it all the way . the 3 or 4 large wheels on the sides of the craft are slowly rotating either clock-wise or anti-c-w.

i first saw the video in nov’19 and was amazed by how few views it had over a 2+ year period – and quite a few were mine !. when i tried to view the video in jan’20 it had been removed from youtube . i checked this out at the publisher ufoatsection51 , which just said ‘ removed at providers request ‘. thanks , m.E.

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