UFO Sighting in Carrollton, Texas on 2020-10-31 22:30:00 – Ball of orange energy rises floats straight up, flattens out and then materalizes into an orange orb and then floats over my way.

On my porch i have a very good view of the sky for being in the city. i saw this orange orb float straight up from the neighborhood acorss the highway. it flattens out and then forms an orb/ball shape. when i say it flattened out it wasn’t a solid shape and looked like what i can only describe what smoke looks like when it’s floating in different shapes. it did that and then formed the orb/ball. in person it was very bright orange and much closer in person. i took a video as soon as i knew it wasn’t normal, i’ve uploaded that video. i’ve seen 3 orbs and 3 stars that move. so 6 ufos total. this first orb i saw from the very start though. it floated straight up what felt right out of someones backyard, formed a ball and then floated over. i jumped my porch fence and watched it go overheard. then went around my building to watch it float off into the distance. the other orbs i’ve seen are very similar but one did pulse a red light. odd thing is when i started my video it stopped blinking. when i was done it went back to blinking. i live near dfw airport and i see planes every hour of the day. these are not planes. to me the first orb i saw was alien. i just can’t see how it could be human or any tech we have.

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