UFO Sighting in Cañon City, Colorado on 2020-07-07 01:00:00 – Brightening lights and sharp direction change.

I was sitting on the front porch with my wife prior to going to bed. my wife was looking at her phone and mine was inside the house charging. it was approximately 0100 on july7th 2020. my porch faces directly west. i was looking at the stars which i do frequently when i noticed a bright white light go from dim-to very bright- then dim and then nothing. that process too approximately 2 seconds. approximately 2 seconds later it did the “dim, to light, to dim then nothing again. the light appeard to being going in a normal flight pattern so i assumed it was a strange light on a plane. then approximately 2 seconds later the light went immediately to a very bright white. only this time, it was what appeared to be sharply south from the position of the second light at 90 degrees. i stood up to gain a larger view of the sky as did my wife (i stated “look at this weird light” after the second time and she only witnessed the third.) after the third flash and direction change we looked for approximately 20 minutes and didnt see anything else at all in the sky, not even a plane or helicopter. the sky was clear with little moon light and no visible aircraft in the sky before or after. my wife and i were completely sober. she and i watch the sky often at night and can tell the difference between a plane, helicopter, satellite, etc. neither of us have ever seen a light like this before.

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