UFO Sighting in Calgary, Alberta on 2021-10-11 23:22:00 – Flying v of 5 lights

Was watching the aurora storm on the roof of the building when i noticed to the west-northwest a faint series of 5 lights arranged en chevron. this “flying v” progressed from northwest to the south, across approx. 70 degrees of sky, before vanishing midsky, like a satellite into the shadow of the earth. they may have been coming slightly towards where i was standing and turned to the south or just appeared while travelling to the south, that point isn’t clear in my memory.

the lights were regularly spaced and invariant in position, as if part of a single structure but i saw nothing but the lights. they did not flash or change luminosity in any way (other than appearing to and disappearing from vision), similar to satellites. the lights were faint, like lower magnitude stars, but still visible in the downtown light pollution and slight aurora. it traveled at a constant, but fairly high, rate of speed. there might have been a slight banking turn towards the southwest, but that also might have been parallax as it changed position relative to my position. it was dead silent.

i was wearing my glasses at the time, but didn’t think to try to film it (the light levels were too low at any rate) because i was too busy trying to figure out what it was. we live near a major airport flight path so i am familiar with air traffic, and this didn’t fit any of what i have seen over the years. subsequently i found a link to a report from california from 2008 on r/ufos that showed the same phenomenon.

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