UFO Sighting in Buckeye, Arizona on 2020-11-25 06:16:00 – Quiet string of windows flying in the sky. no trail

So i went to take the trash out this morning to the dumpster and started to look at the morning sky when i noticed a very large object in the sky. i couldnt make out the shape of the object but the windows were very clearly visable. i finished throwing the trash away and proceeded to take the picture provided. object was to the west at this point. i went back to the house and called my wife to take a look at the object. when my wife took a look it was much further away, but the lights were still visable and now to the southwest. she remarked that she saw something similar a few days/weeks ago. when we lost visuals of it, the object was to the south. we both didnt hear a thing.

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