UFO Sighting in Brookville, Indiana on 2021-07-17 21:07:00 – Bright oval shaped object seen towards sunset seen from brookville lake, indiana

I was located just (10 yards) north of brookville lake beach, indiana, taking some sunset photos with my camera (fuji xt-3) when i noticed a bright, oval-shaped object to the northwest of my location, approximately 15 degrees in elevation from the horizon. when i first noticed it, it looked extremely bright, as if it was reflecting sunlight on a metal surface. i immediately snapped a picture, but my camera was set-up for a 2 second exposure, so nothing is visible in that photo. i changed my camera settings to video mode and i filmed for about 20 seconds, but by that point i wasn’t able to see the ufo anymore and wasn’t sure i had filmed anything or not. when i came home i saw that i had filmed the ufo/uap for about 14 seconds before it disappeared behind a cloud. the videos i’m uploading here are cropped versions, so the quality is not the best.

i don’t believe it’s an airplane because i didn’t see any contrails (i could confirm that airplanes were creating contrails when a passenger jet crossed the sky a few minutes after i saw the object). but what it is, i’m not sure. in the videos you can make out 2 to 3 flickering lights as object moves towards the south.

Read more & see it on a MAP

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