UFO Sighting in BROOKLYN, New York on 2021-07-22 23:54:01 – Atypical, stationary color lights oscillating/pulsing above mccarren park, brooklyn; masked behind cloud

Very early monday morning, at precisely 12:58a, i took my dog out for a quick walk in mccarren park in williamsburg, brooklyn. i walked ~30 feet to the entrance of the park and immediately observed the object. i paused to observe a bright colored light in the sky, obfuscated by a wide swathe of clouds.

at the same time 3 young women walked up. they are aged somewhere between 25-34, dressed in casual nightclub/bar attire. i immediately said something like “yo, do you see those lights?”
they replied “yes” “omg” and “what is that?!”

we all stood there, watching these lights pulse and cycle through ~4-6 shades of neon color.

the object was unmoving. we all took our phones out and started taking pictures. one woman made a funny comment “that must be bezos going into orbit!”

the 4 of us stood there trying to come up with a rationale explanation. i searched the ground for some spotlight, as i live in an area where, b.C. (before covid-19), one may expect to see spotlights pointing into the sky. but i was unable to locate a spotlight, or any ground light that mirrored/correlated to the bright hues of color we all were seeing.

one of the women kept asking ‘are we in a dream?’ i quickly responded – ‘no.’ we all saw the same colors, as we confirmed which color we all were seeing several times.

my phone battery was almost dead, so i asked one woman filming the light to send it to my phone.

the video is her phone’s vantage point.

the lights were located directly above the mccarren park swimming pool, which is the largest pool in brooklyn.
i quickly walked closer to the lights, alone now. i wanted to see if there was any lights or beacons on the other side of the park. i did not see any lights that may have caused this phenomena.

i did hear sounds, something like clattering, or knocking of garbage pails, coming in the direction of the pool. it was kind of creepy. however, the sounds did not appear to be coming from the trajectory of the light. there was no evidence to suggest the light was related to the windy sounds. being an sr. data scientist by trade, and the cause of the sound may be completely and reasonably be attributed to a windy night. the women went off to a bar, while i continued to search for a light source or other explanatory variables.

the lights were no longer visible as i lost them behind tree cover.

i walked up one block, and the basketball courts were unlocked (mildly suspicious, but certainly within the realm of normality, as i don’t usually walk by the pool). i then saw 3 men in a tree. high in a tree, that is super strange but hey, it’s new york baby! they looked like they had eaten some drugs and were tripping. i called out to them “hey! yo, did you see those lights in the sky? you saw them?”

but they responded no, they saw nothing. i explained what i saw, and showed them the video from this woman’s text message.
they told me that they were all from turkey and just arrived in nyc. they said they smoked 5 cigarettes and were buzzed, mimicking an airplane flying. one of them walked with me 1-2 blocks toward the back of the pool. but we saw nothing. i thought that maybe there was some strange refraction from the empire state building that night.

i immediately went to www.Whatcoloristheempirestatebuilding.Com (which anis known to be accurate) and learned that the lights for the night of sunday, 7.18, were only the standard white.

the lights and the cloud cover was gone. it just kind of faded away or disappeared. don’t remember how it left (if i even caught a glimpse), it was one minute there, gone the next.

i canvassed a couple more blocks, but saw nothing further.

– i understand the physics of reflection and refraction very well; i was a physics major for 2 years in undergrad. i am unable to formulate a working hypothesis where the observed phenomena may be due to a reflection, refraction, diffusion, or diffraction of a known aerial, ground-level light, or building light. in other words, i was able to rule out all other possible explanation (according to me).
– i’ve never seen a ufo or had any paranormal experience in my life ever before. this was my first.
– the whole event lasted no more than 15 minutes.
– to be sure, other light sources at ground level included a) several white-colored light poles located around the running track, and b) a few lights outside of a bar patio. those lights were mostly red, a couple white. but these did not appear to be correlated with the pulsing nature not the color shifts of the sky light. these lights were 1) too weak to cause the wide light glow, 2) fixed in intensity and color, 3) unable to be mixed to create some of the hues (such as violet) that were observed by multiple witnesses.

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