UFO Sighting in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma on 2020-07-04 22:15:00 – Two spheres changing in size and direction along with color

My wife, her best friend and i were standing on our back porch watching our neighborhood fireworks. two objects spherical and orangish in color came from the north turned left(east) over the neighborhood and was within 100 feet above a two story home. the objects then began moving upward in unison changing from orang to white as i was taking video, the other neighbors must have seem this as well as you can tell they all but almost stopped all fireworks. the objects continued in unison moving south east then turning west over south tulsa/ bixby area then i lost sight of them. this is the 2nd time i have seen this in the past two months my first sighting was only one sphere as i was returning home from work on the creek turnpike. additionally, a close friend and her son saw the same objects three weeks ago maneuvering similarly but that sighting contained four spheres. i am extremely excited and curious to find out exactly what we are seeing in tulsa metro area. video and pics will be sent with this report.

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