UFO Sighting in Big Bear Lake, California on 2019-07-20 21:23:00 – Saw a bright light thought was a star then it started moving, stopped, changed direction, other lights moved

We live in the mountains at about 7000 feet elevation. we were coming home form the stars. my daughter and i looked up and she asked if she could see the little dipper. i noticed how bright the stars were and how clear the sky was. then i noticed one of the stars moving but not like an airplane, it moved sharply in different angles and directions, then stopped and moved again, as i asked my daughter if she was seeing the same thing, she said yes, then i noticed several other lights, not as bright as the first one, moving in the same way. we got a little frightened and decided to go into the house. my daughter then opened the front door and said she saw a green light coming down from the sky and shining on the street in front of our house. i did not see this. i asked her to describe the light and if she saw any object and she said no. i asked her to shut and lock the door.

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