UFO Sighting in Bettendorf, Iowa on January 14th 2016 – Sphere over Mississippi river

A man camping with his wife on Prince Edward Island in the Canadian Maritime region of Canada’s eastern coast had a UFO experience that left him quite rattled at the time, a UFO he was able to capture on cell-phone video (below), and a UFO that experts are calling “one of the best UFO sightings in the Maritimes.”

While the UFO videographer from Moncton, Canada, John Sheppard, is convinced that the bright UFO he videoed hovering off the coast of Prince Edward Island (there were actually two UFOs at one point) was definitely not a common plane, helicopter or drone, now others that study UFO phenomenon have joined him in agreement after investigating his UFO footage, reports CBC News.

After an extensive investigation, including a visit to the Prince Edward Island UFO site, the Mutual UFO Netowrk, or MUFON, came to the conclusion that Sheppard’s Prince Edward Island UFO sighting was “one of very few confirmed (UFO) cases.”

According to MUFON Assistant director, Stu Bundy, a UFO investigator was assigned to Sheppard’s Prince Edward Island UFO sighting and despite every possible effort to explain what was captured in the UFO footage, there is no immediate explanation for Sheppard’s UFO.

Sheppard originally captured his Prince Edward Island UFO footage while camping with his wife on the island in June of 2014, later sending the video to MUFON.

According to Bundy, the thousand or so UFO sightings reported in Canada every year often end up actually being the star Sirius or the international space station. But neither of those explanations panned out for Sheppard’s Prince Edward Island UFO(s).

“It’s very rare. Extremely rare,” explained Bundy, his interest obviously piqued by the Prince Edward Island UFO. “This is great. This is a really serious sighting, and we still refer to it as one of the best UFO sightings in the Maritimes.”

After Sheppard sent his Prince Edward Island UFO footage to MUFON, a non-profit and all volunteer UFO investigative organization, the UFO video was put to the test.

Part of this test for MUFON was using a free open source planetarium software from Stellarium, which can identify stars, planets, and satellites to possibly explain what might have been in the sky when Sheppard saw his UFO, but according to Bundy, the investigator said Stellarium provided no explanation.

As for the Prince Edward Island UFO possibly being a drone, MUFON’s drone expert concluded that given the high winds that night, a drone’s normal battery life, and the fact that at one point there were two UFOs, a drone didn’t explain the UFO footage.

For Sheppard, his Prince Edward Island UFO experience kicked off around 11:30 at night while he and his wife, who was already asleep in their tent, were camping at Prince Edward Island’s Twin Shores campground.

As he prepared to call it a night, a light out over the water caught Sheppard’s attention and soon he was filming the UFO. His accompanying commentary is helpful since – as is often the case with UFO, Bigfoot, ghosts and other paranormal visual evidence – the video doesn’t really do the UFO justice.

At the same time, Sheppard seems genuinely bedazzled, his words during and after his UFO sighting genuine, making this UFO case very compelling, particularly coupled with the MUFON investigation.

“It’s flashing bright, on and off a little bit. It reminds me of a dreidel or spin top,” Sheppard says of the UFO on his video.”No idea what it is. Never seen anything like it.”

Now over a year since his Prince Edward Island UFO experience, Sheppard shared with CBC News that he still isn’t sure what he saw.

“I couldn’t really put anything to what it would resemble, like a helicopter or a plane or anything,” said Sheppard, noting that he was unnerved enough by the whole situation that he tired to stay hidden by a bush. “I was very nervous. You know, I don’t really want to admit that, but, yeah, I was pretty nervous… I didn’t want to be seen by it. I didn’t want it coming over… It was definitely unidentified for sure. Was it a spaceship? I can’t say for certain, but it was something you don’t see every day.”

The UFO sighting is among MUFON’s top 10 for 2014, and while Sheppard figures some might mock his UFO experience and video, he’s convinced it was definitely something bizarre.

As for MUFON, they say they plan to continue monitoring the Prince Edward Island area for other possible UFO activity.

[Image by Ursati/Shutterstock]

Check out the original source here.

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