UFO Sighting in Berthoud, Colorado on 2021-05-20 10:20:00 – Drone or aeroplane prototype?

while outdoors of residence, preparing household trash for scheduled pick-up on southeast portion of location, was walking towards northeast portion and rear yard of location, when became aware of sounds of light, prop-driven aircraft operating at moderately high rpm rate behind me, towards the southeast. out of curiosity, stopped and turned around towards direction to observe source, to discover aircraft of very unusual configuration. throughout observations, object was viewed at approx. 50 degree angle from underneath, and appeared of uniform, non-reflective, lightish coloration, with no exterior markings. object’s length was approx. that of 6-8 passenger piper/cesna aircraft, with distance of approx. 500′-700′, traveling at moderately rapid rate for standard, light, prop-driven aircraft. object’s fuselage had elongated oval shaping, with rear-mounted drive prop location, similar to some “predator” drone prototypes, with pair of widely-splayed wings at rear of object of somewhat delta frontal, and straight rear shaping to edges, and pair of smaller, stubby stabilizers towards front of object. observed object’s passage for approx. 20 seconds, until view blocked by residence feature, whereupon took few seconds to walk into rear yard far enough to reacquire observation, noting that object was towards southwest, now on a trajectory towards northwest, where observed for another approx. 10 seconds, before again being lost to view behind local tree foliage. with the exceptions of lighter coloration, and addition of stubby, frontal stabilizers, object appeared quite similar to reported sighting of 05/24/2018. sketch available.

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