UFO Sighting in Berlin, Berlin on 2020-02-17 03:00:00 – Tegel berlin airport

I am an iranian refugee living in nuremberg, germany.
i can not speak english.
the night before the incident, i had a strange feeling, so the next day i called my friend in berlin and made an appointment with him. when i went there, my feelings became strange and more complicated, as if they were talking to me inside my head. i shared it, but he didn’t believe me until something happened, and we broke up. i didn’t have a cell phone or a map, so they took me to that area by phone. i went to the airport and i was led from the inside of the hall to the entrance. the weather was cloudy. it was as if there was a dense light above the clouds. different ones are scattered across the sky and this happened for 4 or 5 times and suddenly stopped, i can just take a picture of it and send it to you.
then they took me into the city of historical places. they just thought about where i should go. i didn’t know the city of berlin because i hadn’t lived there at all and i didn’t know any of it. i told this story to my friend and he slandered me with an illusion. i asked him if there was light in the night sky in berlin? i became very depressed and now, after a few months, i have decided to return to iran, but i told myself before i returned. let me share this with you.
if you call me, it is better to do this with a persian translator so that i can provide you with more accurate information. i hope this becomes clear to everyone.
if i made a mistake, please let me know so i can avoid this confusion

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