UFO Sighting in Bensalem, Pennsylvania on 2016-09-23 19:31:00 – I was playing basketball and sat strange light skin above a church. i have videos

A filmmaker in Peru captured a spaceship in the clouds that seemed to prove that UFOs tend to lurk in clouds.

By R. Siva Kumar | Sep 15, 2016 04:34 AM EDT


Massive Star Wars style (Photo : StarMysteriocanal/youtube.com wars)

One look at the skies made UFO seekers find an amazing sight: A massive Star Wars style spaceship in the clouds. Many fans said that the shot could prove their beliefs.

It was in Peru. A filmmaker, ‘Misterio Canal‘ made his camera run and claims he captured the spaceship by chance, even when he tried to record a time-lapse video of the sky.

He said: “It is a mysterious phenomenon in an area where others have recorded sightings of white objects floating in the sky.”

It was a “giant, dark-steel-coloured object”, which appears to have a rough exterior with windows,” and seemed to be right out of a multi-billion movie.

The video has flashed across the Internet, even as it showed an enormous, black shape, exactly like a ‘Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer’, that flashes briefly on the screen.

The video has been seen and exulted upon by UFO expert Scott C Waring. He wrote on his website UFO Sightings Daily  “This video looks legit, and its 100 percent proof that UFOs do hide within clouds of their own making.

“This UFO looks like its made from the same nonreflective black buildings I and others have found on every planet and moon in our solar system in NASA photos.”

Another user said that “It may be something that came from the future to collect something or prevent something from occurring.

Mr. Waring had said earlier that there had been one jerky astronaut who may have disclosed NASA’s code word for aliens during a live feed.

Hence, outer-space experts say that when there was a live feed from the International Space Station, he had blurted out “gospel.” This was mentioned when a strange, red-coloured UFO flashed on the screen.

How did he? said Mr. Waring.The sudden appearance of the UFO on the ISS live video feed even when the astronaut said “gospel” gave some clue of something mysterious. “It was significant and could not be a coincidence,” he said.

Sceptics have the usual theories to give the footage: One critic said: “I guess whoever created it didn’t have enough on the bottom so decided to mirror it before inserting it into this fake footage.”

Another added: “The ‘ship’ looks traced perfect – so I call this a fake.”


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