UFO Sighting in Baltimore, Maryland on June 10th 1992 – it was flying through the sky then stopped a few second shook side to side then flew away


In summer of 1968, I was visiting my aunt and uncle with my family. My sister and I stayed in their trailer. During the night I woke up and looked out the trailer window and saw two oval dark objects hovering in vertical positions next to each other above the tree tops. I became extremely terrified. My sister and her baby, on the bottom bunk, did not wake up even though I strongly shook her. I left the trailer and locked it behind me thinking that would keep them safe. I ran past the animals that were in an enclosed area. They were racing around and frantic. The hair on my arms stood up. It was almost like static electricity was in the air and the air felt strange almost like time was slowed down, it’s very hard to explain the feeling of the atmosphere and the terror I was feeling. I was somewhere by or past the animals when I heard telepathically “don’t be afraid, we’re not going to hurt you.” I was still scared and then proceeded to the small guest house, where I thought my parents were staying. Unknown to me they had left the guest house because of black widow spiders. I banged and yelled at the door but there was no answer and I think I opened it but they weren’t there. I continued to look back and the objects were still there, then proceeded to the main house. I got my parents up and tried to tell them what I saw but at that precise time there was a car accident on the road in front of the house. Everyone ran out to it. By the time I got anyone to look, the objects were gone. When I told them what I saw they all laughed. That devastated me. It’s hard to explain how I felt afterwards. I was almost in a shock and walked around feeling numb. There was one other time when I felt that kind of shock and that was when my brother was killed in a freak accident. I tell you that to try and convey to you how this effected me. I never spoke to anyone else about this until I got married. Years later I became interested in going to MUFON meetings and became a Field Investigator for MUFON. I’m searching for answers as to what I saw and experienced.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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