UFO Sighting in Bailey, Colorado on 2020-03-25 20:53:00 – Saw 5 star/satellite like objects travel in a straight line following formation. filled minutes later by two traveling side by side.

Between 8:50 and 8:55 my neighbor and i witnessed ufo phenomena in bailey co. my neighbor happens to be a police officer.

if you are familiar with what a satellite looks like when going across a sky it will be easier to understand what we saw. essentially it looks like a star that slowly creeps it’s way across the sky.

i was outside, bored from quarantine and playing with my badass blue light laser from china. it is like holding a 25 mile long lightsaber. i was pointing out constellations for my neighbor when all of a sudden i saw what i assumed to be a satellite. i circled it with the beam and showed to identify it. a few seconds later we saw another, directly in line. strange but not crazy… except they kept coming. five in a row forming a perfect straight line streaking the sky. they were evenly spaced, but strangely, had differnt magnitudes of brightness.

i freaked the fuck out and tried to take a video, but as you know you can’t tape things with the brightness of stars using a cell phone camera.

after the objects made their way across the horizon, two more seemed to follow quickly in pursuit, not in a line but side by side. these however were the same brightness as each other and bluish in color. also unlike the previous five, these two disappeared suddenly after flying half way across the sky.

from our position we witnessed all objects follow a northeastern trajectory.

following the incident i called a denver news station and asked if they had other reports. they did and dismissed them as satellites. i am an amateur astronomer and know what i saw. satellites do not travel in formation.

i believe the objects did not have physical lights on them but were rather travelling in space. the light from the sun made their reflections visible. this rules out military aircraft which as a dime a dozen in co. and not to mention they were completely silent.

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