UFO Sighting in Athens, Tennessee on May 24th 2016 – Bright stars that when seen through a telescope are orbs in eastern Tn skies. That pulse red and green lights and moves . It also fades in and out.


I was inside watching tv when I noticed through one of a high window next to the fireplace a bright golden star in the south eastern direction. Last week when I had seen it I went out onto my front porch to observe if it was a planet or a satellite . I started photographing it and when I zoomed in manual to get a better photo I noticed it was pulsating . So I began to video tape it. It then began to fade in and out several times. So tonight when I saw it again I went outside to watch to see if it was doing it again. When I noticed in the western sky there was a bright white starlight object. It also seemed to be pulsating a red green light. So I grabbed my new IPad and went out onto the front porch to try and get a better view. I manually zoomed in while video taping it and saw it was also a Orb . It was also spinning . While video taping it . It started to move up out of my screens range. The last time I saw this white Orb I took out my large telescope to look at it. I also made a report about it and should be on file. I have witnessed it before being stationary and then traveling across the sky from east to west very quickly. Faster than an airplane. This object can be seen from time to time in this area and I feel lucky to experience this. I have also had company here that have witnessed these events and have seen it through the telescope also. It is a sphere that looks like it has a lot of lights or electrical lights running through it and is pulses red and green . It also can bend itself to change its shape. When it does happen to be here it stays for about three hours Sometimes. Being in a very rural area and city . People are in bed by dark and no one is out to look up an observe what is going on in our skies. It seems you can only see it on a very clear night. The videos I have submitted are zoomed in . If you would like still photographs I can submit them also. The first video submitted is of tonight and the second one is of May 15 2016. I would like your personal opinion on these.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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