UFO Sighting in Arizona on October 1st 2015 – under water base or something in Antartica giant square trench its hughe


The first time i saw one i was seventeen.. That was was traditional UFO circular with flashing lights. I work doing home health and smoke so i go outside to smoke. The first time i kept feeling like being watched but thought it was animals. Two weeks prior i kept seeing what i thought were fireworks around nine thirty at night off to the south. Then saw a colorful circle shape across from where i slept The following week i saw what i thought were fireworks on the ocean horizon. Then it became white and move south so thought was a barge. Then i saw three diamond shapes combine to two to one then three ect. I did not know what was going on so it scared me and i was talking to a guy i use to date at the time so he knew the fear i had. The colorful circle stayed across from where i slept the whole night. I got up as client need to go to bathroom and would look over the ocean and it still was there. I was scared but went back the following week. When i went back i was out smoking around 8 pm and from behind me over the roof of the house a black triangle plan flew slowly over my head with NO sound. I did not know what it was but knew it was not an american plane. No lights flashing and it proceed to go over the ocean faster. About an hr or hr and half later i went back to the room where i sleep and saw a beam of light come down on the deck outside where i sleep.I also saw about 10 white orbs on the ocean horizon spread across the ocean with and additional one going back and forth flashing lights. the ones on the ocean just pulsated. this really scared me and i went to the other side of the house and was afraid to go back to the bedroom. When i did go back i closed the curtain which i never did as i love falling asleep to the ocean waves prior to these events. I of course prayed as i was scared to death at this point and contacted my boss the next day to tell her what i saw and that i did not want to continue going there on Sat. nights and was taken off the schedule. I did show several co workers the pics i took and when blow them up u see faces. i will add that seeing these orbs started during the blue moon. My cell camera picked it up but u could not see to the naked eye. I went to another clients house two streets from long sands beach and continued to see craft up in the air on the ocean. i just watched them and at some points i saw them coming from NE at dusk heading to the ocean and some would go S and some would go N along the beach and those that headed out stayed stationary on the ocean horizon spread apart like i noticed earlier at other clients house. I would pick up orbs blue, white and i think yellow to when ever i took picks outside no matter where i was. Even inland and visiting people. it also affected my phone made lines and a circle that moved every time i turned on my phone. I have been taking pics then videos for months as proof to what i have seen and started talking to others and showing them these and showing if saw them when with family and friends the activity i saw when working on the ocean has been crazy and scary at times. I also saw lights in a house the next street over from clients house they would dim the get really bright and had a flash that appeared to go around like a light house light and one of the orbs or ships whatever it is was not on ocean horizon but was at the house next store to this house appearing to be on the ground. I have been seeing this stuff for months and see them where ever i go. Was at my oldest sons house and needed something at the grocery store i parked and looked up to see a craft hovering for maybe a min then it flew off. It seemed like they want me to know they are there and watching me. I do not have any mental issues and a very strong smart woman but we all know how some people feel about ufos. Where i live not i showed my sister one stationary in the sky appearing to be a star and then two planes came over head seconds apart. I told her no plane flies that close together unless military. To me it seems like every time i went out day or night there were planes in my area or the star like stationary orbs and this is everywhere i go. I use to see one or two of the white planes leaving a trail behind. the past few weeks i have seen six one day as i traveled to work in the sky all heading south as i was and a few went south east. The day before thanksgiving brought my client to get a hair cut and saw at least eight or the trail of them.. i do have video of this as well. She thought it was them bringing back troops overseas but again planes do not fly that close as these were. i also have a video of two of them with alot or trails from other ones one going south one going north. The activity in the york beach area is crazy esp dusk as they all head to the area.. but they are active throughout the night going north to south over the ocean area. i do not have pics on my computer to send but if u contact me with an email address i will send u pics and videos taken over the past few months.
Thanks and if u need to contact me the phone is best way to do this

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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