UFO Sighting in Apache Junction, Arizona on 2020-11-14 18:36:00 – Lights in the night sky

We were bbqing in the backyard when my brother-in-law motioned me to come see something he was pointing at. as i walked over there i could see 3 lights in triangle formation. as i moved a bit, i could see several more (about 4) off to the left side. (a large cactus was blocking my view) we watched for a few minutes and they did not move. the top one appeared to be changing colors. i ran for my phone and started recording. the lights appeared circular and were very bright. as we are watching we could clearly see several very fast aircraft heading that direction. there is an airport close by but these were moving too fast to have just taken off. as we watched the aircraft get close, the lights just disappeared in a blink

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