UFO Sighting in Alpine, California on 2019-08-15 02:11:00 – Tictak had four lights two bigger on front end and back end and in middle of those two were small.

Looked up driving on freeway to go to casino and double took on this massive tic tak shaped ufo with four lights with red and yellow bright lights . looked like nothing i’ve seen had no wings or anything on it . it was smooth and fast . it was so close and flew away into the mountains then towards space . soo fast and big . no other aircraft in sky . it looked kinda like (0:0) this but vertical ðÿ’š. ðÿ”´ ðÿ”…ðÿ”… ðÿ”´. the yellow was solid this is just a example of what it’s shaped light we’re on the ufo

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