UFO Sighting in Alpena, Michigan on 2017-07-04 21:30:00 – Round ball of light flashed different colors along with fast movement and abrupt stop or change of direction


Me and my uncle along with my aunt and cousins were attending the fire work display up the road from our home at the public park where the harbor is located. approximately ten minutes after the display began my uncle noticed a round flashing ball of light in the sky over the lake where we were the lake is lake huron . he noticed it was changing colors from red to blue then green at times it would be two of the colors at once flashing. my uncle then called my attention to it. when i first observed it i initially said it's a plane. as soon as i said it's a plane it started to move slowly across the sky at that point i then said oh uncle kenny it's probably a helicopter. at that point i observed it change colors from flashing solid red to flashing red green and then green blue then flash blue at the same time it went from a slow hover to rocketing straight up and abruptly changing direction to the east and then stop blinked out and when it re appeared it would be considerate distance from it's last location it started heading towards the north east direction and disappeared. there were no clouds and i stress the words no cloud cover it was clear night sky. we did not observe any other air traffic in the area nor heard any sound from it. we could see the star constatations with no visible obstacles.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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