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An admitted UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) skeptic has captured to photos an object that resembles, he says, the starship Enterprise from the hit science fiction franchise Star Trek. And although he has shied away from attributing UFOs as alien controlled vehicles or anything other than phenomena that are ultimately explainable, the skeptic admits that he is hard-pressed to offer up an explanation as to what the strange image he captured might be.

The Mirror reported this week that Chad Haines was completely baffled by what was apparently a UFO sighting, where a Star Trek spaceship-looking image was caught on a few photos he had shot earlier in the year. The photos depicted a moonlit scene over Random Island, which is across a bit of water from where he lives in eastern Canada.

He told Canadian reporters to whom he gave the UFO photos that he was the “last person” to believe in aliens, UFOs, and extraterrestrials. Now, however, the self-described skeptic says he doesn’t know what to believe.

Haines said that he was deleting images from his camera, freeing up space for some Christmas photography, when he made the discovery. The photos, which were taken near his house in Clarenville (in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador), show an odd image hovering in the sky. The UFO can be seen to the left of a bright, glaring moon (which is reflected off the water at the bottom of the photos). Its strange shape bears a strange resemblance to the spaceship Enterprise (if seen from the vantage of the ship approaching the viewer’s position), which warped into the imagination of the people of Earth as part of the famous Star Trek television series (and, later, television serial and motion picture franchise).

Prolific UFO investigator Tyler Glockner, who operates the YouTube channel “SecureTeam10,” posted the UFO photos in a video. He noted, “Something [has been] caught flying in the skies over Canada. It looks like a saucer, it kind of looks like the Star Trek ship from the TV series.”

As Haines told TC Media, the photos were taken during a starless night, and the UFO moved up and down as it hovered. He said the object was “out there for two or three hours” before quickly flying away, disappearing from sight.

Although he does not know what the object was, Haines is convinced that the object wasn’t an airplane and it was much to large to be a drone. Over the years, he said he had seen videos and reports of strange sounds, beams of light, and other phenomena, but was never swayed to think that any of it could not have been by just about anything. But after capturing the UFO images on photos himself, he is a bit more doubtful with regard to the unexplained.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Haines said of his experience.

A UFO hovers off an islands coastRandom Island, off the east coast of Canada, is not known as a UFO hotspot, although it was the site of a UFO sighting in 1978 where there were multiple witnesses. [Image by Ursatii/Shutterstock]

His is not the first UFO sighting over Random Island. Back in 1978, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Constable Jim Blackwood reported, along with dozens of other locals, the sighting of what they believed was a UFO hovering over the Canadian island.

The Star Trek object spotted in Canada was also the second Enterprise UFO sighting to occur in 2016. A family out sightseeing in West Yorkshire in the United Kingdom noticed, after reviewing photos they had taken while on their jaunt, a dark image in one of the photos they had shot, according to The Sun. Enlarged, the object looked like a disk with two elongated bars extending away from it.

The image prompted a Facebook user, Gary Raymer, to comment, “It looks like the USS Enterprise.”

A non-traditional UFOUnlike the depicted alien craft, it is common for UFOs to conform to images from “Star Trek,” “Star Wars,” or traditional models like flying saucers, orbs, cylinders, or triangles. [Image by petrmalinak/Shutterstock]

Speculation abounded as to what the photographed Star Trek image might actually be, but Philip Mantle, the former director of investigations for the British UFO Research Association, believes the object can be explained. He says that two clues suggest that the image is not a UFO. The fact that the object was not noticed at the time the photo was taken and that the object in question, when enlarged, has a pronounced “halo” around it (which suggests the object was very close to the lens when the photo was taken).

“When you look at the location where the photo was taken it is probably a grass pollen,” Mantle says, “a bug of some kind or something similar.”

As for Chad Haines’ Star Trek UFO, an enlargement of the image does not produce a “halo” effect, although he, too, did not notice the strange object in the night sky when he was shooting photos over Random Island. The UFO remains unexplained.

[Featured Image by Mario Tarna/Getty Images]

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