UFO Sighting: Did Someone Discover A Kardashev Type IV Civilization? – The Inquisitr


We were night fishing on a small 18ft cabin boat when we first noticed the object.We thought it must be a helicopter,but as it drew nearer we noticed it moving in a zip zag pattern,sharp movements and most noticable no real sound, just a slight hum.As it got closer we panicked and hid in the cabin which lit up brighter than the sun,but no heat and no pain in our eyes.The night past very quickly and all our bait was still wrapped.This was unuseal as normally we run out,people think your crazy or just making it up, so we told very few,l only spoke about this to my wife, even she thouht we are mad and should keep it quite.But l saw your programme on tv,and l think we are right to let you know, l realise it is a bit late ,but a programme came on tv talking about it,so now l know it was cault on radar.Before we hid in the cabin we also noticed it zig zag realy fast then we think it saw our light on the boat,which we quickly turned off, but it found us anyway.L would never tell any military personel as they make you feel stupid,even though my father-in-law was detective cheif inspecter of the m.O.D.Police.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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