UFO Sighting Cincinnati: Mysterious Craft Seemingly Pursued By Military Helicopters [VIDEO] – Enstarz

A BRIGHT spaceship-like craft was spotted hovering above the night sky with the air force apparently following closely.

The unexplained phenomenon was captured on camera as a white craft resembling a UFO was spotted flying around in the sky after dark.

Apparently, military aircraft were circling the area while the possible spaceship was still visible – suggesting it may have attracted the government’s attention.

It was a resident who noticed and shot the freaky footage in Ohio, US, at about 3am local time.

He was said to have been woken by the sound of helicopters overhead and managed to get to his window in time to witness the odd sight.

The UFO craft can be clearly seen flying high above the city skylineYOUTUBE

REALISTIC: The UFO-type craft can be clearly seen flying high above the city skyline

Amazed by the footage he collected, he reportedly passed it on to a UFO investigator for a project called The Secure Team.

The project – which describes itself as the “fastest growing research outlet and source for data on the alien phenomenon” – posted the clip online, where it sparked the interest of fans of the paranormal.

One social media user claimed he had also seen the strange craft and wrote: “I saw the choppers following! Didn’t have time to take out my camera though. The whole place was dead quiet. Very strange indeed!”

Early UFO sightings unidentified flying objects paranormal area 51 pictures

The white object could be a possible UFOYOUTUBE

UNEXPLAINED: According to the video the white object could be a possible UFO

Not everyone has been entirely convinced by the clip however, with one user saying: “I believe that is a hologram.”

As this video is just the latest in a string of unexplained possible UFO sightings, there could be more than fiction to the stories.


Check out the original source here.

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