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First Posted: Dec 07, 2016 02:35 AM EST

Recently, a suspected massive UFO attack photos and videos in Turkey was posted on Twitter. Most of the Internet users agreed that it could be a mass UFO sighting.

Nature World News reported that it was a Youtube user, Secureteam10 who originally posted the video. This massive UFO attack is considered the latest among all reported UFO sightings this year. The video was dated November 28, 2016, which was just a week ago.

Meanwhile, on that same night when the video was uploaded by Secureteam10, the #ufoattackturkey trended on Twitter. The dark light is very terrifying because not just the usual news of single light of UFO sighting but it was four or five tracked in various parts of Turkey.

This massive UFO attack in Turkey fueled fears of possible extraterrestrial invasion to take place. Way back in the history of UFO sightings, the UFO attacks in Turkey was very similar to the famous Phoenix Lights in 1997. The Phoenix Lights were also seen in a Middle Eastern country which also trended on Twitter, as per Inquisitr.

Consequently, right after the #ufoattackturkey trended on Twitter, the photos, videos, and tweets were immediately removed. However, in that short period, the whole world was able to capture, repost as well as share the images and videos on social media. Other netizens who were able to download the videos and photos from Twitter, uploaded it in their accounts.

On top of this, UFO analysts described the massive UFO attack in Turkey as harmless. While others are still seemed not satisfied with the findings and feel that there’s far more ominous taking place.

On the contrary, some skeptics said that it was not UFO sighting but just aircraft owned by the US working on a secret mission. On Malcolm Robinson’s study, of Strange Phenomena Investigations who carried out UFO & Paranormal Research, he has revealed that the government has nothing to do with it.

Aside from the first video which was uploaded by Secureteam10, few more netizens took courage in uploading similar videos of UFO sighting from different angles. Most important is the UFO attack in Turley which also showed the same number of fleets of lights but with an explosion.

Until now, as the new UFO sighting unsurprisingly met skepticism from higher authorities, numbers of Twitter users continuously uploading photos and videos of the same lights. Whether the massive UFO attacks Turkey or not, the lights were still mysterious, and even science cannot explain.

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