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UFO sighting

UFO sighting

The truth is definitely out there and there are many who want to believe that alien life forms are trying to make contact with us while flying in their UFOs. The most recent UFO sighting was captured on a video live stream on NASA’s channel.

The video showed three unidentified flying objects lifting above the Earth’s atmosphere and disappearing into space. The live streaming is interrupted quickly after the objects disappear, which made many wonder whether NASA was trying to cover up what was going on.

The footage depicting the most recent UFO sighting immediately went viral on YouTube and it already gathered more than 2 million views. Many users commented that the video is definitely real proof that aliens are constantly watching us and that NASA knows about it but is trying to keep it away from us.

In the video, the three unidentified flying objects look like they are made of some sort of metal material and it appears that they are spinning, leaving our planet’s atmosphere and vanishing into the infinite beyond. Seconds after the UFOs disappear, NASA interrupted the live streaming with a message saying “loss of signal”.

According to the video, all three unidentified objects seemed to fly in an ascending way. Two of them seem to disappear from sight, while the third is still visible when the transmission is cut off. The next thing that appears after the live streaming is interrupted is the message “Please stand by”.

Some believe the video is actually a hoax, or that the unidentified flying objects are actually some tricks of light. However, many say this is another example proving that alien life does exist. Conspiracy theorists are more than certain that the video is real and that this is not the first time NASA has captured alien activity on video.

There are many UFO hunters who claim to have captured proof of alien activity on our planet. One of them is Toby Lundh, who said he is absolutely certain that he spotted UFO activity outside the space station while monitoring a live streaming on his laptop.

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According to Lundh, whenever there is a UFO sighting, NASA interrupts the live streaming saying they were experiencing some technical difficulties. He said this is not the first time the space station captures unidentified flying objects in a live footage, but the scientists working for the agency are always hiding the proof.
Image Source: telegraph.co.uk

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