UFO Sighting 2015: Alien Faces Seen on Picture of Mars Taken by NASA’s Rover? – International Business Times, India Edition


On my way home from work leaving at 1:45 am driving down US Arkansas hwy 59 from Siloam Springs Ar to my home in Oklahoma. About a mile outside of the little town of Cincinnati Arkansas I noticed a bright pulsating strobe to my SE which would have been just about over Cincinnati Arkansas. First thought was a tower but realized I had never noticed this driving home. The light was sationary and did not move unless it was moving directly away from my line of site it was stationary. I was just coming into the town limits of Cincinnati when it moved out over the highway directly in front of me about a quarter of a mile away. I watched it at tree top level until it went over a hill by a cemetery out of my line of site. The strobing light made it look like daylight each time it strobed was very intense and bright. As I drove on down the road when I topped the next hill I noticed it through the tree line due to the brightness of the light. At this point it crossed the road maybe 30 feet in front of me moving to the passenger side of my vehicle. I was coming up on a short straight part of the road so I sped up to catch it now because of it crossing the road at tree top level. I was able to get directly beside it and it was not more than 15 feet away maintaing a speed of between 55 and 60 mph with me. I have a sun roof in my car and the light was like daylight inside the vehicle every time it strobed to look directly at it I had to blink to focus back on the road. It passed in front of a hill and I was able to see it against the night sky which was partly cloudy. There was no silhouette when it strobed I could see nothing but the light. At this point I sped up and got a distance in front of it stopped turned off the vehicle and got out. It passed within 15 feet of me and there was no sound whatever only the blinking light. After it passed I got back in and followed it to within about a half a mile fo the next little town Summers Arkansas. Where at this point I would turn West to go home. When it passed the hill about a quarter of a mile from this intersection it made a sharp right turn heading West I turned onto US ARK hwy 62 headed West and stayed parralell with it until about a mile from home in Oklahoma. I could see it was below the hill tops still at tree level but was not maintaining and even speed I was having to adjust both faster and slower to stay with it. I got out in front again and got to my house in I jumped out and listened. Could hear no sound but could see the strobe flashing off the clouds in the sky. I moved out in the street and watched it fly over the town going West still no sound. I watched it until it was long out of sight. I was tempted to cut across on a cross road and see if I could get directly in front of it for a better look but thought maybe I didn’t want to know what it actually was since it seemed to want to go in my direction the whole time.

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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