Case 105422: Admittedly, I’m not much on reporting cases of “lights in the sky at night.”  There are an abundance of those. But this one’s different. For some reason, Arizona has more than its share of good UFO cases.  Perhaps that’s due to a very active Phoenix MUFON membership or maybe something else.  This event originated in the early morning hours (4 AM) on Christmas day of last year and was reported early in 2020.
The Event
The witness previously installed a “game” camera with a wide-angle lens on a nature trail near the corner of Dynamite and Tatum Roads in Scottsdale, near Phoenix, Arizona.  The camera was set to record infrared videos of wildlife (infrared is a wavelength of light not visible to the human eye).  The black and white image was one frame taken from eight seconds of the infrared video recording.


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