UFO BEEF! I am OFFENDED by this..

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  1. Oh good God!!! I can't stop laughing… Tyler, you are so awesome… Showing the world the reality of it all…the natives of this planet are in the Oceans….we are the parasites, transported and acclimated to the dog…. And all these woke, blind, all for the cult money fleas are the same on every planet, just fleas…FIGHT THE FUTURE!!!


  2. Well Tyler I think this is something about "to have ears to hear"… We, humanity, from the earth or anywhere else out there, we are just brothers and sisters of one magnificent creation of and intelligent and loving eternal Father waiting for each one of us to discover Him… hence there's no "aliens" from a cosmic conscience point of view.

  3. perhaps this is the beginning of a whole NEW WAVE of disinformation!!!!!!!
    or a way for certain individuals who can grab a mic and begin to spread their crap, or rather sling their crap, much like the monkeys at the zoo!!!!
    just to see what will stick to the wall.
    anything to sway people’s opinions if they’re on the fence trying to make sense of all this other worldly stuff.
    i hope and pray everyday for a “no way to deny” moment much like the 1951 film The Day the Earth Stood Still when Klatu makes his presence known!!!!
    and his little buddy, Gort lol 😂
    we’re lucky we got Tyler and his microphone on our side.
    thanks buddy.
    still a Patreon soldier till the end.

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