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This report is limited to the most recent sightings.
repeatedly, i have caught video and photos of objects flying extremely fast over my house, most of them not visible by the naked eye but caught on slow-mo or frame by frame from video, both day and nighttime sightings. the object most commonly visible to the naked eye is a white tic tac with two lights or barrels (similar shape to the end of a set of binoculars) which is able to cruise laterally, then stop (if calling out to it, or i’m waving it will often slow and stop and hover); i’ve seen it move at a 90 degree angle towards me after cruising laterally. the first video shows multiple white spots and black ‘cubes’ flying into and out of the sun’s bright path, with an orb nearby which moves with my camera movement. the flight paths are either straight and fast, or erratic and are actually visible continuously around the periphery without having to slow the video. there are often other varied white flying craft over my house with and without trails behind them, and the small flying spots/cubes seem to interact with these easily seen objects. use of cloud cover is common, and the clouds themselves often appear to move strangely in video. i have some extremely strange rainbow or ‘sun dog’ pictures as well as an unexplained mountain sized light ring in the sky from 2 weeks ago.
at night, my husband and i both have videos of a recurrent visible orange object first thought to represent mars, but in the wrong location and will often appear spontaneously and move to different locations within a single night not in a typical planetary path. when close, it glows with the intensity of a fiery orange chinese lantern. zoomed in on video (see included), the object changes color and shape constantly and brilliantly, pulsating light intensity intermittently.
others in my town have had sightings recently. i try to check flightaware app and a nightsky app for real-time planet and satellite locations to confirm i’m not seeing an explainable object. on oct 20th, i caught one on video nearby a helicopter that had taken off from our local hospital. i have a huge collection of videos and hundreds of photos but am unsure of who to share these with given the sheer number of sightings and how this may affect my profession. apparently there are a large number of sightings in this area in general for some reason, but my sightings are nearly daily and multiple times daily, right over my house.

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