THOUSANDS Are Vanishing Off The Face Of The Earth | Major Update

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  1. Paulides won’t come right out and say it but his selective skewed research on the national park disappearances is an extension of his Bigfoot theory and the CanAm Bigfoot project. He wants you to make the same conclusion he did, and his books got more and more persuasive that its probably interdenominational bipedal humanoid predators. After the 3rd book I stopped reading after he tried to start selectively linking missing persons cases in larger urban cities. It’s a fun story though, a good one to share around a campfire on a cold October night.

  2. I love this channel and all of its comment but this is a little ridiculous. It is not unusual for people to go missing in woods in the least. The boy could have been carried to the mountains by vultures. It would be unlikely for people to find remains otherwise anyways because animals and bacteria would very quickly turn the body into dirt.

  3. Having lived in Yosemite i now have retroactive chills. The boulder fields make me think whatever it is thats snatching people resides within the mountains with openings hidden by giant boulders that they can move , exit their hidden tunnel then grab a victim & quickly re-enter. Those taken are last in line there isn't a scent & if found it's in areas already searched many times before. Rumors of hollow mountains have been around forever as have beliefs that boulder fields are haunted by spirits, according to the Native Americans. It's not done by humans so don't use comparison to the strength & physical abilities you and i have. Unless the abductors can fly and have NO detectable scent that bloodhounds can detect how else can people, toddlers also, be found so far away & at higher altitude? The government definitely knows what is going on which explains their resistance to David trying to obtain information on these cases.

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