This is UNDENIABLE!.. | CLEAR Footage Of TR3B Discovered?

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  1. watch invasion that is a movie that will blow your mind i never seen it coming or thought about it like that its pretty cool…and i caught a ufo with my son the other on video in broad day i thought it was the moon at first but it was a crecent and moving to fast to be the moon its prob some of the weirdest footage i have ever got its real and it was crescent shaped made no sound and basically slowly moved along but way faster then the moon over my head maybe i send that in to you to do some work on #bless

  2. Hey Tyler,(PLEASE READ!)
    been following you for quite some time now. Love your videos and will always be a subscriber. My name is Mark and live about 10 miles south of Wilmington N.C. and in-between military restricted air space.I have a variety of drones ranging from the delta wing style to the quadcopter type, have multiple DJI drones and one I use for high quality shots. Anyway, I was testing one with new spot lights that I had installed (for possible aiding in search and rescue) late one night recently and captured footage of some sort of craft triangular in shape , 3 spot lights and one red one in the center that seemed Internally lit . I could not hear anything other than my drone . My thoughts are these triangle crafts are reversed engineered technology by private aerospace contractors purposely built for the military (obviously).This next part to some will sound ridiculous but not to all, my theory is that all these orbs , tic tacs, crafts that are totally silent but can disappear in the blink of an eye, may not all have extraterrestrial beings on board . The private sector of aerospace are getting closer and closer to time travel. To me the possibility is greater than most people think as I believe a lot of these orbs and crafts we keep seeing could be from our very own future to keep an eye on our present time line so that catastrophic events in our future can be prevented . I don't believe in our present time that there is a way to foresee the future however the future can see the past (hope you get what I'm saying ) . Technology is moving at a rapid rate and no telling what lurks just around the corner. If you have made it this far , please just keep an open mind and know this is just a theory, not a conspiracy theory LOL. Tyler I'll try and retieve this footage I was talking about and would love for you to view it and tell me what you think. Not sure how to send it to you but maybe you'll actually read this and send a link. Keep doing.g what you do , you've made a believer out of me for sure!
    Mark W.

  3. Can anyone help me? I have searched high and low but still have no answer. I would like to know why the government would keep covering up and denying the existence of UFO’s? Im sure there’s a very logical reason why but I don’t know.

  4. Great vid as always, Tyler. Regarding these TR3B sightings, I always come back to the same question, why would visitors from another world/dimension need big headlights? Same question if it's secret testing of one of our own. Surely the tech would be sufficient to see the terrain without making themselves so obvious.

  5. i saw one riding in my car with a friend back when we were in highschool. the one we saw was exactly like this one but the lights at the tip were an orangey red color. needless to say we both were freaking the f out. i'm in my thirties now and over the years we've both seen pics and footage of this supposed 3b aircraft and we're just like yep that's the one

  6. i feel like if the US/Russia/China had this kind of tech they would not have it just hover so low (looks like its less than 5k feet) where anyone might see it, not to mention just hovering where a person might accidentally see it. they would fly it way up high in the 30k and up range where you will never see it.

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