They Are SCARED of UFO Footage Like This..

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  1. I think that all the sightings are actually fourth dimensional beings or craft that are passing threw or observing our dimension and they look crazy to us an move crazy because we actually can't conceptualize them in there entirety because we are only seeing a part threw our 3d eyes

  2. Originally I thought the clouds changed direction but now I see that in the beginning of the video the craft is moving to the right in lock step with the clouds then after the video zooms in and back out, the craft stands still and you see the clouds actual direction to the right. I thought maybe it looked like the clouds changed direction but now I see it was the craft that changed.

  3. Neil deGrasse Tyson said it right. He said the photos are not any better than they were in the 50s in spite of everyone having cameras and videos. That being said, with no jets scrambling up to meet the object, it has to have been downgraded by radar control. Let's look at things this way Tyler. NASA discovers light speed propulsion. A spaceship is sent to a goldilocks planet in another star system. The ship arrives after 35 years; everyone is awoken from hybernation sleep. Orders come over the space-wire. "You must now explore this planet. There are beings here but this is a direct order. Do not interact with the indiginous population in any way. If you are spotted, do crazy 45 degree turns at mach 4 and then press disappear mode. Land at night and send a search party to a farm and show your faces in the window until you're seen, then run back to the shuttle and come back to the mother ship. We don't need any more migrants, so that's why your orders are to play hide n' seek. Take notes if you will, photos, videos, but don't let them see your world licence plate numbers." Signed, Space Command. Comon' people, alien space ships wouldn't fly a zillion years to come to our planet and play hide n' seek. What I believe these things could be is simulated drones and that's why they defy our gravity and atmosphere. Because they're virtual. That's also why the air force rarely if ever scramble jets. It's an opinion.

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