There's a GIANT "Anomaly" Buried Under The Moon

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Intro Music: Spellbound by Kevin Macleod
Outro Music: “Dark Trap” by rh_music

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  1. I'm really glad everyone got together and got ya channel back I'd of missed your vidz Tyler and I always look forward to all posts I've never been disappointed once and I don't mind the booming noise posts you do I think it's interesting that its been happening like randomly everywhere !!

  2. Now why are you going to quote the article and leave out the part where they know that the metal is from the asteroid that made the crater, and why are you going to say that the mass is hundreds of miles deep when the article says that it's only a few miles? Why do you do that?? They say the best liars will lie to you mixed with some truth to make it less noticeable.

  3. Moon or Station? Looks like the cats long out of that bag. With all the recent ambitions to getting back to the moon. I believe a deal was struck. And with all these other planets now in our end of the solar system. Times running out. Space Command being the hidden joke as the excuse for stepping up the joint efforting to getting the right DNA strains on the Station

  4. Tyler great video of the moon. I always wondered why… We never explore the dark side.. didn't keep going back since we do have the technology… Build a moon station. Or did someone or something told NASA don't come back! 🤔 Can't wait for the next video..😁🐻🇺🇸

  5. Which eventually we're going to end up making all resources and not even use them for spaceships but the galaxies themselves will still be able to do that for transportation anyways we won't even need them for spaceships four planets anyways to all the planets will become resources

  6. What if the aliens said "we will put the giant satellite in orbit around this planet. Once life evolves to the point of intelligence and they discover their moon is actually a satellite, we know they are ready to handle the truth about the universe and then we welcome them to the intergalactic society. We shall share all the knowledge and moral codes of the universe to end their violent tendencies and show them how amazing existence is when you become truly enlightened." Man, at 34, my imagination is still strong…as well as my wishful thinking.

  7. God created the moon. If demons hollowed it out , then they have a place to hang watching and manipulating us . Between us n heaven they and Satan exists, demons disguised as aliens half bio half synthetic bodies that last 500 years before needing a new one. Our scientists are making better ones for them.. Have to be half bio, Jesus said demons cant posses THINGS. They can attach, can't possess. Can posses bio bodies it half like has been created for thousands of years. Half animal. Reptillian. Nephalim are created fallen dna when die are demon spirits , familiar spirits we all have with our guardian angel . Well. Enough to uptake and unbelievers to upchuck

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