The truth is out there – UFO sightings over Hamilton – Scottish Daily Record


Im a member of Mufon #16900 . I had this sighting several years ago but
never reported it , due the fact that while bike riding with our boy scouts
the next morning I think I discovered what it really was.
In ufology we always hear “Watch The Skies” an I do especially when Im out
of town away from the light glare that Houston produces. While I was coming
to within 5-10 miles of San Antonio traveling on I-10 going west,I happened
to look up and to the SW there in the sky was thus luminous oval shaped
object. A pencil eraser held at arms length would have covered it up.
No running lights ,no movement that I could detect,it just was positioned
there about 40 degrees up from the ground.stationary south of the free-
I didnt know what it was ,but one thing that stuck in my mind was the fact
that in the MUFON journal I remembered reported sightings of unknown objects
that turned out to be the new Metlife dirigibles. It would seem that the
entire envelope or balloon was illuminated internally with a whitish yellow
light but I guess no running lights.
The next day our boy scout troop #848 was riding bikes from the out skirts
of San Antonio on the Mission Trail all the way to the Alamo. The bike ride takes about 4 hours and we visited several missions on the way north to the
heart of the city to the Alamo.On the way we came upon Stinson Municipal
Air Port .A small facility south of the main part of the city.AS we were riding along side a very large hangar ,I came to the end of the
building and there on the tarmac 300 feet away was a MetLife dirigible or
as some say ballon. My friend ML was riding in front of me when I let out a
shout and then said “Will You Look At That”.
I probably would have never reported this sighting but for our section director Charles Stansburg . It said it was a good example of a sighting
and then a plausible explanation .

For information or a MAP of the reporting location click here

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