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A UFO enthusiast claims that an unusual, circular object on Mars seems to indicate that it is part of an Alien object.

By Staff Writer | Sep 26, 2016 06:59 PM EDT

Martian shot

Dark disk found on a NASA image. (Photo :

A strange Mars photo shot by NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover seems to indicate a “crashed flying saucer.” Even though it might only be an odd, “massive” rock, UFO enthusiasts feel that close examination shows that it is an alien object.

A number of NASA photos have been examined threadbare by UFO hunters, who claim to find “odd objects” on other planets that give evidence of life elsewhere.

A video clip of the strange object has been posted by Streetcap1, a UFO spotter who has put a number of such UFOs in YouTube. This particular object is labelled not as a UFO, as it is not “flying.” He says it is an unidentified “anomaly” with “windows” nestling atop a hill on Mars.

The clip is titled “Martian Hill Anomaly.” You can see that there is a rocky hill that seems to protrude in the Martian landscape. That is a dark form right on top, much nearer to the hill, that suddenly seems to taper off.

“This looks a bit unusual,” Streetcap1 writes. “Doesn’t really fit in with the surrounding rocks. It is at the summit of the mountain and very far off, so if it is a rock then it must be massive. Also, it looks like there are windows on it.”

What makes the object interesting, according to him, is that it stands out from the rest of the rocks nearby. It is darker, with a familiar shape. It is also spherical with a raised center. What is it? Is it a hubcap?

Or, perhaps, a flying saucer?

Scott Waring, who operates the blog UFO Sightings Daily, says the object, which seems to be a disk, “looks to be made of the same material as the surroundings, and could be a flying disk that has landed, or it could be a building built there on purpose to get a better view.”

However, Waring is “prone to imaginative alien speculations,” says Inquisitr. More examinations into the object have made him find “a few other anomalies” in the NASA Mars photo. For instance, in a GigaPan composite photo uploaded by Neville Thompson on September 19, Waring interprets it to be a “male figure kneeling or praying” as seen from behind, “petrified from some monstrous weapon.” This claim makes Waring really indicate “a show of blatant anthropomorphism,” opines Inquisitr.

Moreover, the evidence of alien life in this object is too thin, according to dismissive skeptics. The disc may just be “a photoshopped image,” say some, while others believe that it is only an “enlarged view of linear sand dunes.” One commentator finds the object strangely out of context, as it seems to be a variation of something that is seen repeatedly nearby. Hence, the sightings might just be pareidolia, or the “psychological” tendency to interpret disparate objects that are placed in familiar patterns.

YouTube/Streetcap 1

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