Somewhere in the Skies LIVE Q&A : Volume 2

Join Ryan as he answers more listener questions. UFOs, X-Files, Skinwalker Ranch, and even calling out one of the biggest bullshitters in Ufology today. It’s all here!

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  1. defuse56

    Ryan, you should consider doing your podcast in front of a cam rather than just leaving the "Somewhere in the Skies" banner up the whole time. You have a good on-camera presence. I think you'd see a bump up in subs, because people will relate to you better if they can see you. I learned this from teaching my online courses; when I started doing on-camera lectures, rather than just posting sound files, I got higher end-of-term student evaluations and positive comments about it. Just a suggestion. EDIT: Since I am being rude enough to butt in and give you suggestions, I went and signed up for your Patreon campaign 🙂 Well worth it; I feel that I'm getting in on the ground floor of what will become a very successful project! The Corey Goode remarks clinched it for me. You have the nerve to tell your truth.


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