Something BIG Is Happening.. EERIE Puerto Rico UFO Images Released

I submitted this report somewhere online at the time, not sure if it was mufon. please don’t go by the date stated above as it is only a very rough estimate. i can only give the time in general terms because i was sick at the time. i think it was about 2013ish, wintertime because there was snow on the ground and i had finished chemotherapy. i was driving around lake harriet with my mom. as i drove around the bend on the east-ne side of the lake, i saw this huge object just hanging in the sky slightly nw of the rose garden. it looked like a giant shipping container but with flat sides. it had white panels with darker grey or dull metallic or old rusty strips of metal delineating the panels. the odd thing was that the panels were not regularly spaced and they were different sizes. the panels looked somewhat dirty too. there was no noise, the treetops were not moving. it just hung in the sky defying gravity, silently. i only saw it for a few seconds and then it disappeared. my first response was to say to my mom, “look at that�, as i pointed to the object. she didn’t see it as it had already disappeared by the time i had finished speaking.
i questioned if i had seen what i had just seen, so i said nothing. shortly afterwards, i looked online to see if anyone else had seen it. someone did and they took a photo on their phone of it or one like it! it looked exactly like the ship i had seen, but it was hanging over blaine minnesota or near that area. plus, the sky was cloudier and greyer in blaine and that ship looked greyer where as the one i saw was whitish like the clouds by lake harriet. i think that the photo this person had taken was around 1:00 p.M. and i saw mine around 11:30 a.M. only then did i know that i had seen this ship and it wasn’t my imagination.
it looked like something man made, except the technology used is technology we supposedly do not possess.
i just realized this, but both occurrences happened over public park areas. at least that’s what i remember from the photo.
the digital evidence that i marked below exists on that person’s cell phone and whatever web site they posted it on. i do not possess it and cannot find it online anymore.

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