“SCARY” Unknown “Force” Shutting Down Cars In Canada..

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  1. James Caulfield

    It's an EMP or it stands for electromagnetic pulse and some kids probably made an EMP generator out of some microwave and some other part and are playing a practical joke or something underground but what's causing it is an EMP or an EMP field you have to replace the alternator in the solenoid in the car in order for it to run again could be just a mean practical joke or something underground or above them is a meeting electromagnetic field if it's just happening in the parking lot and it's either coming from above or below or like I said it's a bunch of kids or young adults thinking it's funny

  2. Selwyn C

    Could there be a cell tower nearby that could be emitting a targeted EM pulse? Probably a fluke malfunction. The military would love technology like this. How many conflicts would suddenly grind to a halt if they could shut down drones, tanks, even disrupt IED's with a targeted beam? And Canada builds one accidentally. Just a theory. ❤❤❤👽

  3. thefrancischarm

    It's gotta be kids or jerks messing around, there's ways to do it but I'm not going to post them in case others were to do it, but I'm thinking a former pissed off employee with a electronics background.

  4. Don Smy

    One thing to check is whether US made cars are more affected than EU manufactured cars. The fobs on the US cars use a different frequency. I noticed a radio transmission tower in the next block near the co-op. Maybe the tower is smothering the fob frequencies?

  5. TheRange

    This is magnetism. The earth is going through a magnetic shift and it earths in small spaces. It is changing and its in many places. This will become BIGGER and the whole area will become a place where the electric will not work. The plasma will stop everything.

  6. Preston Busing

    No it's probably not so obvious too the untrained, but we are currently going through a pole change which can take decades even centuries'. Dr Hapgood in 1954 I believe discovered earth crust displacement. So when the mantle moves we don't, that could well create magnetic electrical resonance sound waves, that are not audible to our human ears… This story isn't just in Canada, many other places around the world are having issues with electrical issues that seem to mainly effect vehicles. So many other places around the world are seeming too having varying, different effects. Its plausible possibly!? Stranger things have happened before

  7. dead star

    over charging transformers can put out a small constant emp before they go bad and pop it happened in my neighborhood for a week any car or electronics got about 30 feet from it would fry then the transformer popped and it was the power line worker that explained it to us


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