Recent “Racetrack” UAP Sightings and Starlink Satellites

Updated as of 11/17/22: After collecting dozens of similar pilot and ground-based UAP reports that have spanned the globe for more than a year, we more deeply explore the theory that many of these highly intense and unusual lights might be the result of new orbital configurations of Starlink satellites. In an upcoming video, we will detail several “outlier” cases that do not fit this profile due to observed aspects of unconventional maneuvering and acceleration.

As always, our research is conducted as objectively as possible. Our agenda for these reports is to work toward removing the stigma surrounding pilot UAP reporting and to fix the processes that should allow aviators and air traffic controllers to speak out when they observe unusual aerial phenomena. Pilots, crew, and radar controllers are encouraged to reach out to us at Your information will not be shared without your consent.


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