Presidents and UFOs. What do they know? What can they do? Richard Dolan The Big Picture.

In a time when Disclosure is constantly discussed in the UFO community, can a U.S. President actually make that long-awaited for announcement? Or are there certain intractable problems any President might face?

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  1. DividedWeFall1000

    The Wealthy Banking Families are keeping the lid on disclosure.
    If the Limitless Non Terrestrial Energy Technology is revealed, they're Monopoly on Oil derived Energy Technology would be worthless overnight….

  2. Philip Swain

    Listening to this, I feel utterly helpless. We are at the whim of accident or whistleblowers. A full and accurate disclosure likely won’t happen. Legal barriers to disclosure are just manmade barriers and shouldn’t hinder disclosure. If a sitting president or world leader really wants to disclose all he or she knows, he or she should do it. What will happen? Imprisonment?

  3. Buster Burnwell

    stella analysis, very matter of fact, im not a researcher but i have listened and watched just about everything there is to over the past 30 years and think i may qualify for an opinion, my biggest problem is everything is hear say, we or i need a direct source of information

  4. Dejame en Paz

    Fraver went on record on his corbell interview saying that people in suits coming on to the Princeton was a fake story. He also said the nimitz encounters you tube channel and video wasn't credible. Fravor would know and seems pretty honest.

  5. Oliver Heaviside

    theres plenty of hard evidence for ufos.. but for some of us that requires faith in the reports and sources… so for some skeptics perhaps a different approach might work, Derek Van Schaik analyzes body language, often interview videos of of pre-convicted murderers, he just released a video based on bob lazar, it's quite an interesting watch, recommended, especially if you don't even know who bob lazar is

  6. c0ntrol r0d

    Hello Richard, would you give some thought to doing a lecture on the current state of our constitutional liberties. Few people understand that our 'Rights' are quickly disappearing. I think it would be eye opening for many to to see the current eroded state of the Bill of Rights that so many were asked to give their lives for. If I had your skills I would attempt it myself but not everyone has your background in History and ability to explain complicated matters. Thanks

  7. daledude22

    I've wondered a lot recently about the disclosure that they're now providing. Curious to say the least. Why not just continue to deny as they've so successfully done for so many decades? Too many people catching on to continue the denial perhaps? Possibly. I've wondered if they may know of future events where denial will be completely impossible due to increased UFO/alien interaction with the general public of Earth. Or perhaps they are winding us up for release of that fake UFO invasion scenario outlined by Wernher von Braun. I know that Richard is no fan of the latter because von Braun talked about it so long ago, and I'm certainly not claiming it to be inevitable, but it does seem like an excellent New World Order plan – "all of the world needs to come together immediately to combat this new and formidable axis of evil" (as president Reagan famously pondered). Maybe both: first increased undeniable UFO/alien interaction will occur, then the "alien invasion" is declared, along with the need to ramp up for response by all countries joining together as one NWO to combat the baddies.

  8. tweakradje

    Niel Armstrong's words: " There are breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of's thruth's protective layers. There are places to go beyond believe, because there lies human destiny." I think it's about time these Apollo astronauts still alive start talking. Or we will find out pretty soon by means of the private funded sector heading for the moon and mars.

  9. Richard Small

    I agree…we should buckle up! So much info is coming forth and with today's ever connected and social media type society…the powers that be cannot keep things hidden like they were able to before. Folks that have info and want to leak it realize in today's world their story's will get attention and be shared and carried around by many…instead of buried or made fun of. Disclosure is coming !!!

  10. Cindy Sue

    I know you can't talk about it but, heard jepstien was into transhumanism. It seems senator Mitchell was in the little black book. Makes me wonder why he was hanging out with jepstien. The fact that you tube is demonotizing these videos..make you go hum. You and Tracey aren't going into that but. I am going to share them with you guys 😘🙄

  11. deaderthendead041

    Kind of convenient that Epstein died in his cell from a "broken neck" and alleged suicide😂👏👏👏 made me think about that guy as soon as you started talking about the CLINTON'S BILL and HILLARY both are pedophiles of the highest order makes sense they and others would want him silenced 🤔🤨 dude had a lot of 🎥🔍dirt 🔎📽on a lot of people 📸📚📙💲🌏 im sure.

  12. Christopher Noah

    Richard. Been watching you for a while now. I listen to your videos at night in bed and on every lunch break. I have liked and just about seen every video multiple times. I also just purchased all your books. That I could find on Amazon. Keep up the good work brother. At work now, looking forward to this new video tonight!

    Always got your back and forever by your side my brother.

    God speed.

  13. Bob

    Very good but for people like myself that have had a lifelong association with this subject, this is nothing new. Now evidence is coming out about the JFK assassination linking it to UFOs. I had family in the RAF during WW II and UFO or Foo Fighter sightings by Air Force Pilots was common. This subject if publicly announced would shake up our societies. Religious Beliefs would the first to be thrown out the window when people learn who those Gods really were. The big Oil and Gas Industries would go out of business if we had access to these advanced technologies along with other Industries no doubt. This subject will shake up our society on a major scale and people will learn that these ETs are so far ahead of us that they could come and go as they please and there's nothing we could do about it.


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