"NOT HUMAN": People Are Sighting These "Things" Everywhere..

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Intro Music: Spellbound by Kevin Macleod
Outro Music: “Dark Trap” by rh_music

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  1. Cmon tyler, after magestic 12 we know this is above us. Show something we dont already know. Lets talk about universal energy and the god that exists beyond youre try. We know that we are in the end of times bring up this in youre search for the truth. Be like water my friend.

  2. We need some help with ending this government cover-up of visitors to our planet. I propose using all methods of social media to organize everyone with a radio transmitter to broadcast (Worldwide) the same message at 12 Noon and Midnight everyday the following message: Visitors to our planet and/or those which share our planet in secret, please help us end the Government secrecy of your existence. We the people of this planet want to know the truths of the universe. Join us in peace, please show yourselves to the masses. End Transmission. We do this everyday for a month and see what happens. Anyone have idea's how we could make this happen???

  3. Those people stared the truth in the eyes before dying. They know what
    they saw, monsters/aliens/shape-shifting demons what ever, they stared
    at it´s eyes in their last moment, when it screamed right up their face
    before killing them (like something out of a horror movie). They did not
    survive to warn us all.. it´s really fucked up!! Look at this footage
    you can see it´s a shadow being taking the form of a bigfoot. You can
    see it´s a shadow LOOK at how it moves (near the end) just look closely
    slow down the footage. It has a very weird movement to it and at some
    point it seems as it is speeding up (not normal at all). Even the dog is scared shitless and runs back after chasing it! And @ 3:55 it moves WAY to fast it must be a shadow being!! Maybe it really
    is fallen angels/demons that they talked about in the past? I can´t be
    sure but it really makes me think…..

    If the link don´t work it´s called Bigfoot Encounter on Christmas 2014 in Northern Minnesota here on Youtube

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