No More Excuses: The Davis Wilson Notes | Richard Dolan Show

There has been renewed discussion lately regarding the Davis-Wilson notes, which detail a meeting held in 2002 that discussed a deeply secret reverse-engineering program pertaining to extraterrestrial technology. Richard Dolan discusses the latest developments while also reviewing the notes themselves, his own personal connection to them, the arguments supporting their authenticity, and most importantly the implications. We are now past the point of debating whether or not they are ‘real.’

Referenced in this discussion:

Giuliano Marinkovic’s excellent article on the history of references to the Wilson saga:

Project Unity’s interview with Oke Shannon:

Richard Dolan’s original article on the Davis-Wilson notes, which has detailed information and links to the original document.

Joe Murgia’s blog, which has extensive research and journalism on Davis-Wilson and much more.

James Iandoli’s YouTube Channel which also has many excellent relevant interview

Danny Silva’s The Silva Record.

Grant Cameron’s YouTube Channel.

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  1. Still on the same Ole blah blah blah, we have been hearing for years!! UFO.'s are now mainstream with the media, military, and science!! This is all so boring now!! We deserve to have point blank, smoking gun, in our face disclosure!!! It's time to release everything, no more secrets!!

  2. Tesla discovered antigravity aka propulsion back in 1890s. G.E. or other electric company stole his material and kept for themselves for greed n control of the planet They left Tesla destitute and penniless. I read 40 years ago or better. PS the Pryamids had the capstone on them in mid 1900s. Which were also used for energy.

  3. Sadly, some people in the Community still think high ranking military officers don’t lie. I’m afraid they consciously lie all the time: including but not limited to Admiral Wildon who denied there is any credence in these documents. These people have no idea as to how much they are undermining the moral fabric in our country for a handfull of dollars.

  4. This Is Soo Beautiful!!! You Can Feel The Fire And The Energy That Is Surrounding This!!! Very Very Exciting News!! Soo Many People Have Risked Their Lives And Livelihoods To Get To The Bottom Of This Incredibly Ultra Important Phenomenon, And Bring The Secrecy Which Surrounds It Out Of The Dark Shadow's Grasp, Where It Has Been Kept Hidden Away, Causing Confusion And Delay. I Truly Wish The Early Researchers Were Here To Witness The Legacy Which They Have Help Create. Heros Like Donald E. Keyhoe, James E. McDonald, Leonard H. Stringfield, And So Many Others Who Fought The Good Fight, Because They Believed, WE, As The Human Family, Have A Right To Know, A Need To Know!!! Sincerely Thank You So Soo Much Richard!!!!

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