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Mass UFO Sighting Over Los Angeles: Huge Fleet Of 12 Orb UFOs ...

A group of UFO enthusiasts has uploaded online a video which they claim shows a demonstration of their ability to summon UFOs through meditation. The group, consisting of about 40 UFO enthusiasts, claims to have used special meditation techniques to telepathically summon a fleet of white orb UFOs over Los Angeles.

According to Fausto Perez, leader and organizer of a group called L.A. UFO Channel, the YouTube video below shows a fleet of 12 white orb UFOs summoned telepathically over Los Angeles at about 1 p.m. on Saturday, September 26, 2015.

The mass sighting, according to Perez, occurred during a UFO channel event in Hollydale Park in South Gate, California.

The group of UFO summoners, consisting of about 40 people at the Hollydale Park, attempted through meditation to contact UFOs telepathically.

Members of the group meditated and requested telepathically for a UFO fleet to appear in the sky and, according to Perez, within minutes after the meditating group sent telepathic requests, a fleet of UFOs appeared in the sky “through a chemtrail haze opening in the sky.”

Perez describes the fleet of UFOs as “paranormal orbs.”

UFO Summoners Meditate, Establish Telepathic Contact With UFOs UFO Summoners At Hollydale Park in South Gate, California (Image via Fausto Perez/YouTube)

“Another Mass sighting of UFOs in Los Angeles has happened,” Perez writes. “We and the public gathered with a group of over 40 people as we have been doing for two years and [attempted through] meditation to contact UFOs telepathically.”

“We… gathered with a group of over 40 people… and [attempted through] meditation to contact UFOs telepathically so we may witness them and present them to the public…”

The YouTube video shows the moment that the UFOs allegedly responded to telepathic messages from the summoners and appeared in the sky to the amazement of the crowd of sky watchers gathered to witness the spectacle.

“This beauty of a sighting was 12 gorgeous, strange, riveting paranormal orbs that flew out of the haze… descending in beautiful patterns and formations.”

UFO Summoned Over Los AngelesClose-Up Of ‘Paranormal Orbs’ Summoned Over Los Angeles (Images via Scott Waring/UFO Sightings Daily)

Perez filmed the orbs with a Canon T3i using 600 times zoom.

UFO Sightings Daily editor Scott Waring comments, “These people claim to be able to summon UFOs with mediation. That is true. It has worked for me, and many others. The mind can project your thoughts… and cloud orbs can hear that several miles away. It is telepathy… we are great at transmitting, we just don’t know it. Its the receiving end that we have a problem with.”

But expectedly, skeptics have dismissed the sighting, saying that the orb UFOs were probably weather balloons.

“These hoaxers do this all the time, a bunch of white balloons, sometimes on a string which is when you see them clustered together,” a skeptic writes. “Next time they should use silver reflective balloons that glimmer amazing colors in the sunlight, best at low sun times like an evening.”

UFO Over Los AngelesUFO Sumoned Telepathically Over Los Angeles? (Image via Scott Waring/UFO Sightings Daily)

But Perez denies the suggestion that the orbs were weather balloons, pointing out that weather balloons tend to fly in the same direction as the wind, but in this case the orb UFOs were flying or drifting westward in the sky while the clouds, under the influence of the wind, were moving eastward.

Perez answers skeptics, saying, “we have thought of the possibility of weather balloons but you can count that out when you consider the clouds and the objects were the same height and the clouds were heading east due to the wind flow, these objects flew the opposite direction; west, against the wind current.”

To buttress his argument that the 12 orbs were indeed “12 gorgeous, strange, riveting paranormal orbs,” he notes the manner in which the orb UFOs descend from the cloud and change direction. Perez believes that the motion of the orbs independent of wind direction is evidence that they were powered and intelligently driven.

“This is so amazing. Best documentation I have seen of a fleet of UFOs.”

“Fantastic video Fausto. Super cool capture.”

“I’ve seen these things. My son has seen them. Kids at his school have seen them. I’ve seen them up close. They tend to be bluish white and often have colored centers…”

Despite effusive praises from Perez’s fans, there are some who hold the practice of summoning extraterrestrials and UFOs through meditation — a practice promoted by individuals such as Fausto Perez and Robert Bingham — in deep suspicion.

Some believe extraterrestrials and UFOs summoned telepathically through meditation are in fact demons or “fallen angels.”

“Your ‘meditation’ is known as ‘channeling’ and what you are actually doing is calling on fallen angels, aka demons,” a YouTube user comments. “They will destroy you because they are much smarter than you. They are liars and are controlled by the father of lies – Satan.”

“Your ‘meditation’ is known as ‘channeling’ and what you are actually doing is calling on fallen angels, aka demons.”

“Those are demons. Demon manifestations summoned by the worship of demons renamed aliens by most,” another viewer warns. “That’s just the naming problem, calling them aliens doesn’t change what they are.”

This is not the first time that Perez and his group have claimed a mysterious UFO sighting. The Inquisitr reported in August the sighting of a humanoid UFO in a spacesuit hovering over Sequoia Park in East Los Angeles (see video below). The “humanoid UFO” was seen by dozens of people.

The appearance of the humanoid UFO sparked an online debate. Some viewers thought it was an alien visitor. Others thought it was a test run of Project Blue Beam.

One online blogger suggested it was a “next-generation electronically-projected campaign billboard for Donald Trump.”

More skeptical viewers thought it was a promotional gimmick.

[Photo By Billy Meier/AP]

Check out the original source here.

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