Mr. Richard Dolan livestream on youtube. One of the best UFO researchers on the planet! Always a good perspective and never jumping to crazy conclusions.

During the spring of 2015 while living in brownfield maine on a ideal spring day (blue bird skies, snow melting, about 55 degrees), while working to break my travel-trailer out from the winter’s ice, i heard a military fighter jet “screaming” in. when i looked up to try to identify it through the clearing of my driveway, i observed a silver, disc-like object, shining from the sun’s reflection directly above me. i remember saying to myself something like, “what is that weird thing” as i continued to stare up at it. it was above 500′, but below a mile, stationary, as if hovering directly above me. as the jet came in from the north, the object, as if becoming aware it had been detected, darted upward very erratically. first, slightly to the left, then slightly to the right, in bursts. slowing down each time as if the propulsion system was not constant, before releasing another burst of white cloud and accelerating again. it appeared to me to be a type of evasive maneuver more than a primary method of movement. in about 3-4 bursts it was out of sight, essentially going straight up. each time it changed direction another white cloud ejected from it. the ufo went out of sight into the clear blue sky just before the jet arrived a few seconds later. the whole observation lasted about a minute. the jet itself performed it’s own impressive maneuver. amazingly, it appeared to almost stop in mid-air directly at the location the ufo formerly was, and in an instant, it turned 90 degrees vertically and went straight up after it. the maneuver was by no means an arch, more like the plane flew directly to the known location, and then turned up to track it. the plane seemed to turn “on a dime.” i remember feeling somewhat serene and euphoric that morning. at the time, i was attributing it to the absolutely beautiful spring weather. after the experience, i muttered to myself “someone is pissed at that thing,” and i then happily went back to my work not thinking much of it. it was only until the next day when i woke up, that i thought to myself, “i saw a ufo yesterday.” so that is my true-life ufo story. respectfully, ad

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