Lunar Base In Sinus Iridum Alien Disclosure & Large Planet Sized Object By The Moon 1 Million Views

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I could not find a title for this video that was important enough…that would attract attention from other truth seekers….If you landed here you are lucky. Nobody else does. I am going to reveal the way I processed my Sinus iridum CITY image which is the Promontorium at the end of Sinus Iridum LIVE before your eyes. You will be amazed. This video will change your life if you have never seen my work before. As amazing as it is to be able to show a real Lunar base or constructed large lunar object….It isn’t easy. The moon’s surface is deliberately made as to stump the human eye…along with light optical illusions and atmospheric disturbance…the whole idea is that the moon shows us little detail. I use the terminator line to show elevation. The photographic technique works well…it is simple…and direct to the point. The moon is inhabited…. Just my opinion.
My life has revolved around death threats and attacks hacks trolls and defamation…. because of my controversial research and channel.. and the only way this channel sticks around is with your support….If you just watched a video your support.Thanks,
Welcome Everyone….The moon has these constructed objects and we will look at some close to Bianchini crater… An area I have been working on investigating now for several years. Look for the ufo moon videos on this channel. I want to thank each and every one of you for the support that you give this channel in all the ways that you do. Thank you.

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big scope and Infrared…

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