Love & Saucers with Brad Abrahams

On episode 45 of the SOMEWHERE IN THE SKIES podcast, Ryan speaks with Brad Abrahams, director of Love & Saucers.

This is the story of David Huggins, a seventy-two-year-old who lost his virginity to an alien woman-among a hundred other E.T. encounters- and chronicled it all in surreal paintings, few of which have ever been seen. Until now.

Ryan and Brad discuss the film in depth, diving deep into the bizarre accounts of Huggins and what the people in his life think about it all. No matter your thoughts of alien abduction, the film examines one man’s struggle with reality and the world around him, culminating in a very human story about an otherworldly lifetime of experiences. Check out the film at

Guest Bio: Brad Abrahams is a director from Canada, currently residing in the U.S. His work has been seen on CNN, Fast Company, Wired, Vice, Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, Gawker, LA Times, The Verge, Indiewire, and film festivals around the world. His first feature-length film, Love & Saucers, has garnered multiple awards and recently received worldwide distribution.


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  1. ArizonaWillful

    I don't know what to think about David Huggins. Could you have sex with these hideous "alien" females with faces that resemble hockey masks? I know the old saying about "any port in a storm", but this is taking it too far! What is wrong with that guy? 60 hybrid children? Is that his boomer generation machismo showing off? I an open to it being real, but I also have a sickening feeling that David might have some serious mental issues since this all "came to him" one day. Yes, there are crazy people out there. When hearing a story like this, use some discernment.


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